Grand Teton

Grand Teton & Snake River
Wyoming, USA

Cháu Tiên® went from concept to reality since 1985 and one philosophy is paramount: serious brewers lead to serious beers. Tuan, the founder, demands the best ingredients, finest quality, innovation, and Semper Fidelis.

The best ingredients are a must at the starting point, and the outcome has to be of the highest quality. The company also thrives on innovation, and staying faithful to brewing traditions while honoring the men and women who have been making a difference. It takes a lot of hard work and attention to details to make a great consistent beer.

Tuan is an immigrant American brewer and practices the art of brewing. He has been successfully working with talented master brewers who are passionate about the craft of beer-making while they share their wealth of knowledge and experience with him. He has also been learning the science and business of brewing for the past twenty years and commits to beer for life. For Tuan, it's an ongoing process that never ends.

In 1996, eleven years after he was instructed by the Angel to become a brewer, She emerged in his dream for the second time. This time near Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She said, "To fulfill your destiny you will have to unite with the finest brewers in the land." Fairy tales, perhaps, but for Tuan it is true. And the Heaven spirits sending the Sierra Dragon and Angel, from time to time, guide him on his journey and to spread good beers. Tuan has a hunger for more knowledge and he is willing to ask for help. He is dissatisfied with one's self and open to spiritual perspective.

He prays for peace and love to all. Cheers!

Beer Souls - Serious Brewers, Serious Beers.

Brew Kettles

Brew kettles & fermenters

Peter F Licht

Peter F. Licht
Master Brewer

Ken Allen, Master Brewer
in front of Krones bottling line

Brewhouse at Anderson
Valley Plant

Tuan at the mash tun

Jazz Aldrich,
Master Brewer

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