Once upon a time…

Back in 1985, a Dragon and an Angel visited me in a dream. The Dragon was swirling around the Angel, protecting Her, and blowing fire, turning white clouds into pink and red ones. The Angel then instructed: "Tuan, your destiny is to become a great brewer." The Dragon symbolizes the Emperor and the Angel symbolizes the Queen. It was such a powerful dream that I awoke and scripted the image on a napkin on my desk and it embraces my beer logo. To fulfill that vision, I began my journey in search of the finest brewers in the land. I found Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, California, and there... there, America's first Asian beer, Cháu Tiên® Pale Ale was born and brewed until the end of 1987.

From 1988 to 1998 Cháu Tiên® was brewed in Modesto, California and Dubuque, Iowa. Since 1999, Cháu Tiên® has been brewed at Santa Clara County and Mendocino County regional California breweries.

Tuan is seeking upwards of $50 million to build/acquire his own brewery and distribute his beer worldwide.

The adventure continues…


Cháu Tiên® USA
PO Box 221185
Carmel, CA 93922


Meet Tuan - The Immigrant American Brewer


Tuan Cháu Tiên, Founder/Brewer

"I would hardly expect a Vietnamese restaurant to discover the best American beer I've ever tasted…it's called Cháu Tiên®…remarkably smooth and rich, without a hint of bitterness."
- Stan Sesser, The San Francisco Chronicle

Chau Tien Pale Ale
US Federal Registered Trademark

"It will [Andy Nguyen's Restaurant], however, provide you with a welcome opportunity to order another Con Rông Cháu Tiên®, a bright, rich, hoppy, and intensely fruity ale…its intricate gold-on-black label, its vibrant aroma and dense, sweetish flavor - in reviewing my notes, I was surprised at how often I referred to the beer's superb, unflagging flavors."
- Mike Dunne, The Sacramento Bee

"Cháu Tiên® is a wonderful beer, a classic dinner brew with a fruity, drinkable characteristic. I believe Cháu Tiên® would work poetically with Oriental and Indian cuisine as well."
- Joseph Izzo, Jr., The San Jose Mercury News

Chau Tien Beer

"For all you do, this Cháu Tiên® is for you!"
- Thomas Johnson, Chico News & Review

"Cháu Tiên® is one of the world's best beers and it is made by one of the most talented microbreweries in the world."
- KGO Newstalk

Chau Tien

Descendants of Sierra Dragon & Angel™
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